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Form-Fill-Seal Packaging System
Form-Fill-Seal Packaging System

Suitable for all types of difficult to flow powders, e.g. flour, cake mixes, spices, milk powder, baby cereals, starch powder, soup mix, insecticide, etc.

This system automatically forms bag from a reel of heat sealable film, fill a preset weight into the formed bag and finally heat seal each bag into an airtight pouch.

Optional Features

  • Electronic weighing filler
  • Volumetric cup dosing
  • Liquid filling unit
  • Gas flushing or vacuum sealing
  • Flat bottom or side fold bag former
  • Code printers
  • Hole punch
  • Product elevators
  • Bag take away conveyors
  • Static eliminators
  • Bag deflators
  • Impulse sealing jaws

A range of horizontal F.F.S machines are also available for the packing of powders, liquids and solids into pouches made of thermal sealing films.

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