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As a leading supplier of many types of process systems and turn-key plants to the various food and chemical industries, Transicom has kept pace with the progress of electronics, electrical and pneumatic technology putting them to practical use. Today, Traniscom can provide the simplest electrical control panel to the most sophisticated audio visual consoles engineered for multi-process control centres.

The production and marketing environment of modern process industries demands the maximum in on-stream operation and flexibility of response to change.

Transicom has in-depth experience in the design, selection, application, systems analysis and commissioning of advanced micro-processor and programmable controller base systems, for use in Multi-recipe Configurations.

It can have multiple inputs from primary sensors, keyboards or any appropriate interfaces and displays with full colour graphics or simple text on a VDU providing simple data to materials management information.

This will enable you to change your formulations and respond quickly to the changes of the marketplace.

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