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Paste Filling MachinePaste Filling Machine

SPAFIL offers a wide range of paste fillers for the filling of very high viscosity paste into containers of various shapes and sizes. The unique design of the rotary valve ports allows for the handling of heavy paste and yet provides very gentle filling action that will not damage even soft food particles suspended in the filling media.

Available from a semi-auto single filling nozzle to a fully automatic in-line system of up to 12 filling nozzles. For filling in a hazardous environment, an entirely compressed air operated system can be made available. All contact parts are fitted with quick release clamps to permit the rapid dismounting for easy maintenance.

Interchangeable dispensing assemblies are available with a range of filling capacity from 10 mls to 2,500 mls per stroke or more. Optional heated tanks, special counters, sensors, special drip-proof and anti-tailing cut-off devices can be customized to suit individual applications.

Filling methods includes the use of Piston Cylinder, Eccentric Screw Pump, Lope Pump or Hydraulic compressed dispensers. Filling capabilities from 10mls to 2500 mls.

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