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Processing Machines

Plough Shear Mixer
Plough Sheer Mixer Plough Sheer Mixer is designed for heavy duty blending of both dry and wet materials. Plough shape shovels mounted on a central shaft with its pointed ends are easily penetrable through the dense powder, party mass. The over lapping of shovels coupled with its shape and the high speed of the ploughs produces good mixing action and high turbulence. The use of high speed choppers further reduce the product particle size thus resulting in a better mix.
Processing Machines
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Plough Sheer Mixer
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  • Quick and homogeneous mixing of pastes, rubber, and heavy plastic masses
  • Bulk powder in dry / dry solids, dry / wet paste, and wet-wet mass
  • Applications in Food, Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries
Plough Sheer Mixer
  • Available in all grades of Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel
  • Optional Teflon coated internals for food and sticky material applications
  • Optional wear resistant linear plates provided for abrasive products
  • Jacketed construction available for steam and cooling applications
  • Can be offered for vacuum application
  • Spraying system
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