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Precision Load Cell Bagging Machine
Precision Load Cell Bagging Machine

The Effective, Cost efficient and Highly Accurate Bagging Machine for fine powders and pellets.

The SPAFIL model SB-2S bagging machine is designed to handle the very difficult to flow fine and corrosive powders/pellets and fill them into open mouth bags from a weight range of 5 - 100 kgs. It will operate at speeds of 4 - 8 bags per minute. Accuracy is within +/- 0.5 percent tolerance per weighment. Dust vents and pneumatic operated bag clamps are included to ensure dust-free operation. All contact parts are of stainless steel.

The machine is designed to accommodate a wide range of bag sizes and types, such as multi-ply paper, jute, cloth, P.E. or P.P. woven bags. Special adaptors can be purchased as options for the filling of drums, barrels and other containers.

Unprecedented high speed multi-heads open mouth bagging system is available for filling up to one ton per minute is available.


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