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We are proud to become one of the leading technology providers in contact and contactless smartcard all-around solutions for the following applications:-

  • Healthcare
    Store confidential medical history, medication requirements, blood type and insurance information for more accurate and efficient patient services.
  • Customer Membership Programs
    Store personalized customer information, buying history, bonus points, frequent buyer programs or special payment coupons for continued services and customer satisfaction.
  • Cellular Telephones
    Secure your calling, billing and personal phone number data in smart cards for convenience and to prevent loss due to theft or unauthorized access.
  • Gaming Cards
    Eliminate the handling of coins and currency in casino games for customer convenience and lower operating cost. Provide better customer security of funds, record play patterns and insure confidentiality.
  • Personal Identification
    Enhance personal identification badges and cards, drivers licenses, and student body cards with the addition of more secure electronicallys tored information.
  • Electronic Tickets
    Provide easy prepayment electronic ticket systems for public transportation, tolls and parking and add the ability to gather travel and frequency of use patterns for providing better customer service and security.
  • Vending Machine Cards
    Offer customers benefits of special promotions, volume discounts, and targeted programs. Provide better security for the customer and reduce the occurrence of theft.
  • Access Keys
    Limit and control access to computers, offices, files, electronic systems and buildings and homes.
  • Set Top Boxes
    Provide enhanced pay TV systems with electronic security, pay per view movies, games, videio shopping and personal data communications with a service provider.
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