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Stainless Steel Tanks + Reactors

Pressurised Tank Pressurised Tank

SPAFIL employs the most proficient welding and assembly techniques in the production of a wide range of standard and custom built vertical and horizontal tanks, pressure vessels and reactors.

Processing tanks are supplied in a variety of designs and numerous accessories. The tanks may include conventional, baffled or dimpled jackets for low or high Pressure heating or cooling. Steam or electrically heated jackets can also be provided, if preferred.

SPAFIL can supply pressurised tanks from 100 to 50,000 litres capacity and rated pressure from atmospheric to 100 bar pressure.

  • Comply with sanitary Food GMP standards
  • Customised to suit various chemical resistance if needed
  • Environmental friendly Passivation method use to comply with ASTM A967 Standards
  • Build to latest ASME specifications
  • Undertake to provide LolydĄ¯s Registration and/or Singapore MOM Registration if required
Processing Machines
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