Transicom Engineering Pte Ltd. One-Stop Turnkey Manufacturing Solutions.
Why Choose Us
Why Choose Us
Our team of experienced engineers/design staff will assist in every step of the way:-
  • In determining the type and size of the project within the budget constraint.
  • In the careful selection of every piece of equipment to ensure compatibility.
  • In the constant monitoring of work-in-progress and quality control during the period of construction and integration of the system to ensure that the time schedule is adhered to and to attain the highest standards possible.
  • In supervising the installation of the system at the designated site to ensure optimum performance.
  • In the start-up of the system.
  • In the training of plant operators for correct handling of the machines and for proper maintenance.
  • In the provision of quick and efficient after-sales service to facilitate maximum productivity with minimum work stoppages.
Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us


  • Equipment Selection
  • Design/Construction
  • Shipping & Forwarding
  • Installation
  • Management of Projects
  • After Sales Services

Our years of experience in the packaging and process engineering arena has enabled us to manage turnkey projects cost effectively. Our professional services include, equipment selection, design/construction of systems, shipping & forwarding, installation project management and after sales services.

In short, at Transicom we are not content with just doing the business, we want to be a partner to your success!


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